The Company

More than 60 years ok experience.

It was founded in 1960 and has gradually specialised in the production of all copper alloys (aluminium bronze, bronze, brass). Through the experience and devotion of its owners, Santa Caterina S.r.l. is considered one of the best European foundries in the industry and has been nominated a reliable and qualified partner by its customers.

For years it has been supplying the major Italian and European customers in every area of industry that requires high quality castings cast in bronze, aluminium bronze and brass.

The foundry uses 4 Inductoterm furnaces, two with a 1200 kg capacity and two with a 1500 kg capacity. The total casting capacity is 5,400 kg every 45 minutes.

The financial stability of the company led by Franco Toniolo supported by his sons, Ruggero and Manuele, together with excellent quality, service, support and expertise guarantee that there will be professional continuity for many years to come, something that is very important in the current European bronze foundry scenario. The Fonderia Santa Caterina's turnover is constantly increasing and is guaranteed by the loyalty of its customers and suppliers of raw materials who are the principal allies in this constantly evolving development.

A new foundry has been in operation since 1 September 2015 with a production ranging from 0.250 to 2500 net kg per cast and 3 production lines: a Belloi & Romagnoli automatic one, a semi-automatic one and a chemical one for heavy mass production and hand forged pieces. The foundry has a complete laboratory; it can certify to customer and international standards; it is also certified to supply the US Navy.

Why choose Santa Caterina

Our first response is "because we are not afraid of challenges, even the most demanding ones". Fonderia Santa Caterina can deal with large volumes and operate to a very high standard, uses modern, innovative equipment, and has over half a century of experience behind it.

Our Mission

Fonderia Santa Caterina's aim is to continue to increase its production while still maintaining the very high standards that have always distinguished it. The company operates with passion and determination to give its customers the very best at all times.

What We Do

The foundry manufactures copper alloy castings on a total of three production lines and uses an automatic system, a semi-automatic one and a chemical one. Santa Caterina's maximum versatility enables it to produce castings ranging from 0.25 kg to 2500 kg, all to the same technical standards.

Ethic Code

Santa Caterina s.r.l. takes as inspiring principles for the exercising of its activities, compliance with the law and regulations of the countries in which it operates, within a frame work of legality, fairness, transparency, confidentially and respect of the dignity of the person.


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