Our Foundry

Experience and technology

Fonderia Santa Caterina has an extremely well organised, ISO 9000 certified structure:
- Patterns are all carefully stored and catalogued
- Forming, casting, deburring and sandblasting carried out internally
- All metal is purchased after analysing customer requirements
- Penetrant liquid testing, tensile tests and dimensional checks can also be carried out internally using a Zeiss measuring system and chemical analysis
- If requested by customers, Santa Caterina can use external laboratories with accredited certification to perform 2nd level penetrant testing, X-ray inspection and destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing.

The foundry has 5 INDUCTOTHERM induction furnaces with 1200 and 1500 kg capacity. It has a melting capacity of 5400 kg of bronze in just 45 minutes. The quality of the metal and chemical analysis are excellent due to its melting rate.

Santa Caterina uses 6 companies that specialise in wood, 3D system metal and 3D system resin-bonded silica block pattern making The cores are manufactured by 9 external core-making shops:
- 3 for cold-formed and hot-formed impellers
- 3 for medium and large-scale production
- 3 for small-scale production and rapid prototyping

The foundry has 3 moulding stations: a greensand moulding one on the automatic Belloi & Romagnoli system, a semi-automatic one and a chemical process hand moulding station for medium/heavy weights; it collaborates with 3 machining workshops to deliver finished pieces that have undergone dimensional testing. RINA and Lloyd’s Register testing can also be carried out.


AUTOMATIC SYSTEMUp to 80 moulds/hour 480x480 mm height 160+160 mm


SEMI-AUTOMATIC SYSTEMFor castings up to 100 kg


CHEMICAL SYSTEMFor weights up to 2500 kg